Lavendar Sugar Scrub

We took the time to really create a product that combined simple, yet powerful, ingredients that would take exfoliating to another level.


Our sugar scrubs will not only leave your skin soft to the touch, it will help rejuvenate and allow moisture to be more easily absorbed. Essential oils are utilized to create an experience in the shower, letting your mind relax and enhancing your mood.


Tea Tree Sugar Scrub
Lemon Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub
The Sugar Appeal uses All Natural, Organic ingredients including
Fair Trade Certified Sugar.


Sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant that removes dirt and dead skin cells, and a natural source of glycolic acid which promotes cell turnover to reveal younger, healthier skin. It hydrates and locks moisture within the skin. 

Jojoba Oil is very light and easily absorbed deep into skin for intense moisturization, and is what we like to call our ‘liquid gold’. It helps to balance oily skin, as well as moisturize dehydrated skin and help combat acne. 

Coconut Oil is rich with proteins to keep skin healthy and rejuvenated, it contains Vitamin E, which keeps skin smooth and nourished. It naturally clears away dirt and dead skin cells by penetrating deeply into pores. 

Avocado Oil is good for sensitive skin. It deeply nourishes and soothes skin (especially great for fine lines!). It is high in Vitamin A, B1, B2, D and E and is rich in antioxidants.

Essential Oils are infused into all of our scrubs to give a powerful natural fragrance that can enhance moods, promote clear thinking, and recharge the mind.


Think skin. Love skin. Improve skin.

The Sugar Appeal is a family run business based out of Methuen, MA. All products are our original recipes and are proudly hand-made with top quality organic oils and Fair Trade sugar. We take your skin seriously so you don’t have too, focusing on oil blends that benefit a large variety of skin types. Ditch the chemicals and go all natural with your body care!

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